Mission Statement

The Peje West Coffee Farmers Co-operative (PWCFC) is a member owned and operated non-profit organization of local farmers who grow cash crops such as cocoa, rice, kola nuts, and coffee. After a decade long war in Sierra Leone, these farmers committed themselves to working together to rebuild their broken communities in an effort to collectively shape their own destiny. Currently, members are consolidating their shade grown coffee resources in hopes of selling it to American roasters.

The Peje West chiefdom is comprised of many villages in the Kailahun District. The Paramount Chief (PC), the traditional head of the chiefdom, works in collaboration with the chiefs of many individual villages. Together, the PWCFC utilizes the basic cooperative principles of open membership, democratic control, shared return on capital, shared labor, fair employment standards and community participation. We band together for leverage of greater bargaining power with buyers, and combine resources to more effectively market and control the quality of our produce, thus improving the incomes and lives of our members. We promote nutritional awareness, strong families and communities, and sustainable agriculture through educating ourselves and others.
PWCFC wants to initiate exchanges and linkages with international groups because we recognize the global dimension of economic and political justice, and the need for multi regional, multi cultural movements for positive change. By connecting communities and groups of families in the chiefdom, we are working to change our own lives to self sustain and build a genuine political and economic democracy.

We accomplish our purpose in a variety of ways:
* rebuilding residential homes and community centers
* rebuilding clinics and child-birth centers
* reconstruction of roads and bridges
* digging new water wells for drinking water
* constructing public toilet facilities
* rebuilding primary and secondary schools
* rebuilding churches and Mosques
* conducting adult education classes
* building a public library and promoting oral traditions
* expanding the co-op storage facilities and employing new methods of quality control
PWCFC and community members continue to share resources in both skills and labor in putting up temporary structures. Some of these structure will be improved when funds become available down the road.