Members and Membership:
The Co-op is currently comprised of 151 traditional coffee farmers in villages across Peje West Chiefdom. Membership remains open to other farmers in the chiefdom. The estimated volume of business in 2006 averages between 8-15/100 pound bags per farmer. This is a conservative estimate as there are farmers expecting twice that amount.


The Peje-West Coffee Farmer Cooperative (PWCFC) was founded in 2003 by Philip Bona and Braima Moiwai along with the Paramount Chief (PC) Mustapha Gebeh IV, and the elders/local chiefs in Peje-West Chiefdom in Kailahun District.
In 2005, Braima Moiwai and Philip Bona registered PWCFC with the Government of Sierra Leone, as a produce exporting Coop.

For the past 4 years, Philip Bona has served as a PWCFC representative and advocate in the registration and certification of PWCFC with Fair Trade Organization (FLO_CERT) as well as with recruiting coffee merchants in Germany and the UK as potential brokers for PWCFC in the global market. Philip Bona has continued to serve on the Board as an active PWCFC advocate abroad, educating, publicizing and advertising coffee samples to merchants and roasters in Germany and the UK.

Braima Moiwai serves as PWCFC's Outreach Personnel both National and International and PWCFC representative in the USA. He recruits potential buyers abroad as well as educating local farmers about the "wash coffee" processing method that is different from the traditional processing method. Braima Moiwai is currently overseeing the construction of a PWCFC produce warehouse in Bunumbu prior to the beginning of exporting planned for 2011.

Philip Bona and Braima Moiwai are friends from childhood and they were lucky to have escaped the decade long civil war in the 1990s. Philip Bona migrated to Germany shortly after Braima Moiwai left for United States in 1986. They were both heartbroken when the war began in 1991 and they lost many of their loved ones. After ten years of war and destruction, Philip Bona and Braima Moiwai went back home in 2001 to give a proper burial to their dead, and began working with elders to rebuild their devastated communities.

In the last 8 years, Philip Bona and Braima Moiwai have taken leadership roles and following in the footsteps of parents who were traditional leaders. They have continued to send used textbooks and stationeries to local primary schools and supporting the local weaving group for women "Mu gama govahun weavers." (Let's go back to the past).

Board of Directors
The PWCFC members elect the Board of directors
and decide what should be done with any surplus
that is generated in the co-op.
1. P.C Mustapha Gebeh l
2. Chief Bockarie Jusu
3. Chief William Ellie
4. Chief Vandi Musa
5. Chief Vandi Lahai
6. Madam Betty Adu Mustapha
7. Town Chief Joseph Tollo
8. Section Chief Foday Musa Gbofio
9. Mr. Joseph Mustapha
10. Speaker Bockarie Brima
11. Chief Gbawah Foday
12. Chief Momoh Lavalie ll
13. Madam Kemma Brima
14. Mr. Joseph Brima
15. Mr. Braima Kondoh
16. Alahaji Ansumana Karimu.
17. Town Chief Amara Sao....Kpindima
18. Chief Sagba Amara

Staff Members
1. General Manager: Joseph Braima
2. Assistance Manager: Jammie Kpangay
3. Financial Personel: Frank Charles
4. Outreach Coordinators... home and abroad:
Larry Koyama, Braima Moiwai, Philip Bona
5. Gbewah Moiwai
6. George Moisia
7. Joseph Mustapha
8. Benajor Aruna
9. Vandi Mustapha
10. Patrick Juma Samai

Mr. Braima Moiwai...Durham, USA
Mr. Larry Koyama. London, UK
Mr. Ansumana Koroma...Boston, USA
Prof. Dr. Sabine Moedersheim...Madison, WI. USA
Mr. Sidi Toure...Durham, USA
Mrs. Betsy Small-Campbell....New Hampshire, USA
Mr and Mrs. Sandy....Freetown, S/L
Mr. Lahai Farmer (Lawyer)...Freetown, S/L
Dr. Frank Kosia (medical)...Freetown, S/L
Ms Johanna Goetz...Freiburg, Germany
Mr. Ahmed Mustapha...Freetown, S/L